E Lion Minerals Ltd is mining company based and operating in Rwanda.

The activities of our company consist of efficient mining and processing of tin and wolframite, exploration and acquisition of suitable new mining projects.

Our team is focused on sustainable mining through green and responsible mining, increasing productivity through value addition and margin improvement and community development.

E Lion Minerals Ltd is concerned about preserving the ecosystem in our local mining areas and globally and the positive impact on the people of Rwanda.


To transform natural resources into prosperity and sustainable development


Consist of increasing the productivity in the mining sector as we believe that mining is one of the keys that will empower the economy of our country and our people through the creation of sufficient jobs for the growing workforce, which will generate and increase the income and wealth for our employees, owners, our people, and the countries and communities with which we partner.We aim to be the leading mining company focused on sustainable mining, increasing production, jobs creation, growing our cash flow per share by developing and operating high quality assets through disciplined allocation of human and financial capital and operational excellence.


Our values underpin our daily actions and drive the work that will achieve our near-term priorities and our long-term goals.

The values of our company are based on safety as life maters most, sustainability and social responsibility for our people, community and country as we value our people and prize our planet and traceability as our minerals are guaranteed conflict free.